Friday, October 5, 2012

Three Swallows Hotel

Three Swallows Hotel
342 Hume Highway Bankstown

Our visit:5 October 2012

Paul had...

Hamburger ($12.00 with chips)
Lettuce, tomato, cheese and beetroot


Looks good doesn't it? I'm not sure if the patty was dripping with water or fat, but it wasn't appetising. This burger reminded me of the  Boss Hog Burger from Hog's Breath. The patty was like a bad rissole. Perhaps the name Three Swallows refers to the number of bites you can stomach. It's a poor quality burger, and at $12 it's poor value.  

Paul's score: 1/5

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  3. Don't you hate spammers ^^^

    For a second I was going to say, "Might have to check out Bankstown sometime", and then you went on to say it was a rubbish burger. :P

  4. Who cares about burgers?you want a burger,go to McDonald's this place is about real food like steak and fish.Thats where you get value for money.