Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Beef Burger
W beetroot relish, gherkins, cheddar, aioli and a serving of chips. $16

Kims says..

Well, the visit to this place was definitely a mistake and in more ways than one... To start off with, we actually planned on going to the Grounds in Alexandria, but that’s another story, 2nd, looking for parking around Alexandria is a real pain in the butt…even if I’m not driving. Talking about driving, Paul, going around a round about 20 times is not fun unless we were playing corners!

So back to the burger, as mentioned we planned on going to the Grounds, but ended up at 4143 by mistake…the signs were misleading, they had the sign up for the Grounds, so Marina & I thought we were in the right place. It wasn’t until we had ordered that we realised it was the wrong place…

So anyways, it was too late to leave, so we patiently waited for our burger to arrive.

Let me say that the burger LOOKED great. But looks can be deceiving! The bun, where the beetroot wasn’t soaked through was hard as, I had to break my bun & eat only the top portion. The beef patty was horrible. No taste, it was like they just grab a slab of meat & tossed it onto the grill. Here is an after shot of what’s left of my burger…

Score: 1 out of 5

Until next time,

Paul says...

shit, shit shit! Oh, you would like me to elaborate? Shit!

It looked impressive, but lacked flavour. Frozen ingredients perhaps? Who knows, all i know is that it was shit.

Paul's score: 1

P.S. Did i mention that the burger was shit?

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  1. It is a shame they changed the burger so much over the last year. 4143 had a wagyu burger which was arguably the best burger Sydney's ever had, and it was only $14 (check out foodiepop's 2011 review of it).

    How I wish they'd bring it back. It was fucking incredible.