Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Burger Joint - Potts Point

30 March, 2012

Paul had - Bacon & Cheese 

We headed to The Burger Joint to try the second of Good Weekends 3 of the best. After experiencing the unique local life on our short walk, we hoped the burger was worth endangering our lives for.

The restaurant is literally a hole in the wall, but it is a comfortable one. We have site of the kitchen and hope our appetites are not ruined by the experience. The kitchen was relatively clean, and if you can overcome the transition between cash handling and the handling of your burger bare handed, you will be fine.

With plenty of options to choose from, I couldn’t go past one of my favourite burgers, the Bacon & Cheese. The burgers are like towers at The Burger Joint and I thought I may struggle to get through my burger, but it was gone in a matter of minutes. The burgers are your traditional style burger, so the bun made up a good portion of the burger. The traditional light and fluffy burger bun can sometimes be detrimental to the flavour of the burger, but not here.  All the flavours come through in this burger.  The patty is thin compared to the gourmet burgers that I have become accustomed to, yet its flavour cuts through the bacon, onion and double slice of cheese. It’s all with a little help from the flavours picked up on the grill I think.

This is a good traditional style burger.

Paul's Score: 3.5

Pete had - Aussie Burger $10.90

The ‘Aussie burger’ at the Burger Joint brings back memories; it was basic, tasty and not too pretentious.  The burger had a nice patty with sautéed onions, beetroot and I was glad to see my egg still had the runny yolk. Patty portion could be slightly bigger for $10.90.

Pete's Score: 3

Kim had - Chilli Burger

 Here I had the Chili burger, I gave this burger a 3.5 out of 5. I really enjoyed the burger here, the beef paddy was nice and juicy, the sauce was fantastic, my only complaint would be that paddy wasn't thick enough. I would have rated this a 9 if it was double beef paddy burger, but it wasn't so it's a 7. But so far to date, this has been the best burger I've had since we started out tour. Well I guess that concludes my review of the recent burgers I've tried. 

Until next time blog fans! 
xoxo Kimzy

Kim's Score: 3.5

Marina had - Hawaiian Burger  

This Chicken Burger was good and although it was not a beef burger I have to say that it was most like the style of burger I enjoy. I would go back to try the Bacon & Cheese burger.  

No frills just good burgers.

Marina's Score: 4

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