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27 April, 2012

Pete had - Summer Sunset $12.50

Arguably one of Grill’d’s best burgers – the ‘Summer Sunset’ is mouth wateringly delicious and flavoursome mixed with their herb mayo, relish along with the sweet tangy pineapple.  The size of the burger is just perfect and easy to handle plus the price is reasonable.
A must try!
Pete's score: 4.25

Marina had - Mini Moo Burger

This burger is quite large despite its name and given that it is relatively low in calories it makes for the perfect snack.

A little naughty but very nice

Marina's score: 4

Paul had - Baa Baa

We are back at the place that got us hooked on burgers. Even though it's not a beef burger, for me, the Baa Baa burger has always been the one to beat.
I think it's because the lamb patty is full of flavour making the meat patty the hero ingredient. 

The menu promises grass fed lean lamb, avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo. With a choice of two buns, my first few visits started with the Panini bun, but after trying the crispy traditional bun with sesame seeds, I’ve never gone back. The flavour of the sesame seeds is a nice addition to the burger.

I have always found the burgers at Grill’d to be consistent, but surprisingly, on this occasion the Baa Baa was a little different. The bun was good as usual, the lamb patty was as tasty as usual, but a little extra lettuce and a little less relish were to the detriment of the burger. The relish normally cuts through the avocado and mayo ensuring the relish is the last thing you taste.

Ok, this burger wasn’t quiet as good as it has been in the past, but it’s still great!

Paul's score: 4.5

Baa baa Burger at Grill’d
After weeks, maybe I can even say months, of listening to Paul go on and on about the Baa Baa burger at Grill’d, I decided to give it a try & see what all the fuss was about.
Disappointed was my first reaction, actually probably my overall reaction. But maybe that’s due to Paul talking it up so much.
Anyways, so from the name of the burger you can figure out that it was a lamb burger, it had a slice of tasty cheese, salad & herb mayo. The salad turned out to be a single leaf of lettuce – BIG – disappointment. People should know that the right amount lettuce or salad of any kind is very helpful in making a good burger great.
The patty itself wasn’t bad; if anything I would say I enjoyed it. Probably on account of the lamb not having such a strong smell and the herb mayo was definitely the highlight of the burger.
Despite all this, my score for the Baa baa burger is 3 out of 5. It’s probably a little unfair since I’m not a lamb person, but I have no beef with lamb…

Kim's score: 3
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