Sunday, May 13, 2012

Salty Rooster - Manly

13 May, 2012

Brazilian Rooster ($7.90)
lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and mayo

Paul says...
There are 16 chicken burgers to choose from. There are 3 locally inspired burgers, Manly, Queenscliff and Aussie. The other 13 burgers are named after the country that they have drawn inspiration from; I went for the Brazilian Rooster. If Marina was here i'm sure she would go for the Greek Rooster. Anything Greek is the best, so Marina says. The Greek Rooster is an automatic 5/5.

The ingredients in the Brazilian Rooster can be found in most burgers around the world; there wasnt anything unique about the lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and mayo. It's a relatively simple no frills burger, but how does it taste?

I have absolutley no idea what the chicken was marinated in, but it was good. The marinate had a very mild tang, and the mayo infused itself with the marinate making for a great sauce.

I haven't been a fan of chicken burgers lately as they have all been too dry. The chicken in the Brazilian Rooster is tender and juicy. I can't think of a better chicken burger that I've had, and it holds it's own with a good beef burger.

The chips, with chicken salt of course, are great!

The Salty Rooster is takeaway only, but who wants to dine in when the beach is just 50 meters away.

P.S. There are no signs on The Salty Rooster, just look for the black shop front.

Paul's Score: 4

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